Yingzheng watch industry summary of 2014 - Do not Lie

Maybe before you see this blog, you do not know my high imitation mall operation, some people will say, "just a fake, and what can be proud of it?" Then, by the end of the Summary For me to say that I personally as a high imitation businessmen important members of the table, I say that I think some of the pride Indeed, engaged in high imitation product sales, not my own wishful thinking, I would like any friends will not think of a high imitation to replica watches do a lifetime, as a lifelong career, and will not tell their children in the future, you have to learn , The future and sell your fake as your father. So since then "proud" and where? Here I give you to share some small story about Yingzheng watch industry, I think it is very proud of. Of course, the benevolent see benevolence and wisdom. ①: On the "do not know" story I remember this time in the summer, a guest asked our customer service Lin Jiajun, Guests: "your high imitation Rolex 16610LN and the original version of what is the difference?", Jiajun: "I do not know, I did not buy the original 116610LN" Guests: "The other businessmen said that they can not see the table counter" Jia Jun: "I really do not know & & &" I believe that in the high imitation table in this industry, with a variety of original, and do in-depth study of the Friends of only a very small number of uk replica watches businesses, and even original 1: 1 comparison of the Friends of absolute absolute rare animals, I believe that most of the High imitation on the difference between the table, most businesses do not know. This is like a top magic props of the vendors themselves may not be a big magician. For their own props, and the famous magician used by the difference may not be clear. A simple "do not know" Although the guests will feel that we are not professional, may result in the loss of a customer, but it left the bottom line of integrity. In my opinion - this is a high imitation table business customer service pride. ②: On the "watch manufacturers" story I believe that the understanding of Ying Zheng table industry, to understand the local tyrants forum table friends are aware of the current strength to Ying Zheng, and other open mill people friendly relations of cooperation, as well as various types of accessories factory relationship to the identity of the business The network posing as "factory" posing as the so-called "primary sources" is there will be no problem. No one is a fool, of course I know this will give my team a huge practical benefits, but I did not do so. At the beginning of the establishment of the "pointer on the Guangzhou" with a detailed understanding of the high imitation table trade distribution center, Guangzhou Station West Clock City. Also explained in detail the high imitation on the market is how to appear, and circulation. Of course, so that some hope to find the "primary sources" of people can not become our customers, but still the same as a high-imitation mall I personally decision-making participants, I also hold my own integrity bottom line, in my opinion - this Is a high imitation table mall decision-making participants shorter ③: on the "rolex replica uk movement" story At the beginning of the establishment of countless people questioned in the purchase before the Yingzheng watch industry marked movement for the Swiss movement watch is the real Swiss ETA movement, although we have a formal import documents, and complete the formalities, but as As you would expect, in a society that lacks integrity, it can not be copied, but as a new business, it is not enough. Because the Swiss movement of the low repair rate, stability and go time, Ying Zheng table industry is the bright spot. But also because of his high cost, high maintenance costs, expensive accessories, very few businesses in the high imitation watches Swiss movement. However, in this magical land, you know ... ... you hardly see the Swiss movement is not high imitation watch, For this reason we have done a lot of work, such as the current movement of the local forum ho forum, the entire Internet is the most comprehensive knowledge of the movement database, all this is done by me and my team independently. We can reduce their own quality control standards, the use of imitation Swiss movement, with a lower price sales, not so much trouble, although a lot of time and effort, but we believe that this may help to more people in my It seems - this is a high imitation table mall team pride. I think whether you are friends, or friends after reading these three stories, should be able to clearly understand that, no matter where, all business was first established, not to let people know how good your product, How great, but let all know, this is the first year of Ying Zheng watch the theme of the operation. Well, thank you for reading, I hope my article can help your business.